About Me

I believe that there is a greater purpose in our existence. That purpose has every part of my life devoted to it.

The gospel of Jesus Christ.

I don't know if you've noticed...but I'm LDS. I was converted and baptized a member on September 27th, 2014. I believe that through the teachings of Jesus I can become a greater person and help others to know this beautiful and perfect gospel. Though mankind may not be perfect, I believe that His gospel is. We may not understand it perfectly or have all the answers, but we have personal testimonies and revelation that can guide us in the correct and right path, so long as we choose to put God first. I have gone through many trials to get to where I am today, and even though I am not perfect, I know that through Christ and God's grace, I, among all of you, can become perfected and live eternally with our Heavenly Father.

I am 20 years old, and I currently attend a YSA ward here in Reno. I am also a Junior in college, finishing up my associates degree because I can't decide for the life of me what I want to do for the rest of my life! I lead a life full of many interests. Some of which include, music, sign language, and photography.

This blog will feature many personal experiences in my life that I have learned from that I hope you all can apply in your lives in some way. I know I have gained a great testimony and love of this gospel through the stories and experiences of members in the church, and I want to pass along that great gift.

Not too long ago our YSA ward was moved into another stake and combined with the other YSA ward in our city, creating one humongous singles ward. The bishopric of our ward was one that had been called only a month prior....so they totally got a lot put on their plate.
I currently am a chair for a sub committee under the activities. My committee is in charge of Music and culture activities. I also have the unofficial calling of being Institute council VP and secretary...which I LOVE so much! I truly am devoted to living my life right and helping share this happiness with others. I know that these callings will continue to strengthen my testimony. They have so far taught me so much and helped me get to know many people I otherwise would have never met. I am so thankful for the way this church is organized, it really allows those who are dedicated to living the gospel really get involved and become one. We really are a family, and I'm so thankful to have that security wherever I may go.

 I want you to know how much I want others to feel happy and at peace in this life through living the commandments of God. This earth was created for all of God's children to experience good from evil and to use our agency. God is all loving and all knowing and He would never want us to fall away from Him. He loves us all unconditionally and has given each of us an individual plan, so that we may learn to choose right and follow Jesus Christ, and endure to the end.

Living an LDS convert lifestyle is the topic my blog is based around. Although I can't guarantee I'll have posts focused on  non-LDS things, I hope to have a fair share of them in the mix. I am open to taking a crack at answering any questions you may have, no matter who you are...non-member, LDS convert/member....I want to hear from you your feedback/questions. I really strive to help you and to give you understanding through experience and life trials. I hope you all can take something from reading my blog, because that is my ultimate goal. Thank you for taking some time to learn about me too! You are truly a loved child of God, and I can't wait to talk about this gospel with you.

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